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Brooke, a passionate advocate for Breakfast in the Classroom! WHO: Brooke, mom to one boy and a baby girl.

CITY: Gilbert

MOTTO: The most important thing in my life is my family and everything I do involves them.  I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.  Life gets tough and I think we are all on earth to help and serve one another.  Every individual has so much that they can offer to better the world or even one single person’s life. We all have something to contribute!

WHY I SUPPORT BREAKFAST IN THE CLASSROOM: Providing my family with healthy, nutritious food is something that is very important to me. That is what Breakfast in the Classroom is doing for families who are unable to do so.

It is vital for children to fill their active bodies with nutritious food in order to help them learn. I truly believe that by eating breakfast kids are able to learn better, be more physically active and stay more focused in school.

YOU KNOW ME: I have worked for YMCA and Boys and Girls Club and I am aware of the needs of so many children. Outside of our little communities are numerous families that need our help.

I am currently involved with The Shine Project, which helps inner city youth in Phoenix go to college. I love working with children and youth and am grateful for the opportunity I have to be involved with breakfast in the classroom.

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My Community Advocate Partners

I've partnered with eight other Valley moms from Gilbert to Glendale to help spread the word. Become a passionate champion for ending hunger in local classrooms by raising your voice, too!

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