Graduation from High School

It’s a milestone in more ways than one.

Graduating from high school is one of the landmark achievements in a young person’s life. But as we know, it’s not a milestone to be taken for granted. If a young person does not graduate high school, it puts them at a tremendous disadvantage as an adult.

Most high school dropout prevention efforts start in high school – which is too late. Students' academic achievement by 8th grade has a greater impact on college and career readiness than high school academic work. Research shows student readiness for college and career can be boosted with focus on middle school activity.

Valley of the Sun United Way created the Destination Graduation program, which leverages early warning data at the first signs students are falling behind and combines it with early intervention and mentoring to ensure students in grades 6-9 are on the path to high school graduation, college and career.

United Way recruits volunteers to serve as mentors for students to help build knowledge and confidence to overcome any obstacles that could prevent them from succeeding in school. 

By ensuring more students graduate from high school, we can ensure more adults are on a solid path to financial stability and better careers — making our communities stronger in the process.

There are several ways you can support our efforts to increase high school graduation rates.

  • GIVE:  Your donations empower us ensure programs like Destination Graduation are available to help students succeed.
  • VOLUNTEER: Become a Destination Graduation mentor and work directly with young people to prepare them for their future.
  • ADVOCATE:  Be a voice for youth in our community and find ways to get involved at your local school.

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