5 Tips for Summer Travel on a Budget

5 Tips for Summer Travel on a Budget

Looking for a cheap way to escape the heat? Whether you’re planning to travel North to cooler climates, out-of-state or abroad, we’ve got some thrifty tips to help you manage your budget.

  1. Travel off-season. 
    Research your destination, and try to work the off-season into your plans. You'll get cheaper airfare, find more budget rooms, spend less time in lines, and meet more locals than tourists.
  2. Call before booking online. 
    Making travel arrangements online is convenient, but doesn't always guarantee the best deal. Call the hotel or airline directly to ask about available discounts.
  3. Consider alternate airports. 
    Be sure to factor in the time and cost of transportation to and from where you're staying to make sure the alternate airport makes the most sense.
  4. Hit the grocery store
    Instead of paying for every meal in cafes and restaurants, grab healthy snacks at a local grocery store to save money and ward off hunger before it begins. Select foods that are safe to eat based on the local health standards.
  5. Shop off the beaten path. 
    Shop at local street markets instead of buying your trinkets at well-known attractions. You may find more authentic items, or a chance to negotiate your price.

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