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02/08/2018, By Valley of the Sun United Way

A strong education with the right support can lead to a strong future. We are fighting for all 250,000+ students in the Phoenix area to have the resources and skills they need from birth to career with Thriving Together. To do this, Valley of the Sun United Way is working with Phoenix Union High School District to focus on 3 important areas of a student’s education:

Early-Grade Reading

Without critical reading skills it is significantly more difficult to keep up with other academic skills. This can cause a child to fall behind their peers.

To help kids improve their reading skills Thriving Together focuses on providing quality out-of-school time activities and helping families get the information and resources necessary to read as a family at home.

High School Transition

Transitioning from the 8th grade to high school can be a shock for students. It is a new experience with new expectations and without guidance and support students may struggle to adjust and some may not enroll at all.

By making the enrollment process easy and helping students prepare for the change, we are helping provide a better experience for kids in our community.

College Enrollment

To continue education after high school, students have to know all the right tests to take and meet the eligibility requirements for their selected school. Without preparation, these tests can be difficult and intimidating.

We are fighting for local kids to succeed by working with students on improving their test scores and understanding their requirements. Students and families are also receiving information on applying for the federal student financial aid opportunities available to them as well as enrollment.

College Completion

When students feel lost, they can get frustrated and decide to give up due to feeling like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Through proactive advising, we are working to increase the number of college graduates joining the workforce. This means helping them find courses that match their degree requirements, making a plan for degree completion.

Your Support is Critical

Without donors like you, this work wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for joining the fight to break the cycle of poverty. To live better, we must Live United.



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