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08/31/2016, By Valley of the Sun United Way


Hundreds of Volunteers Unite Against the Cycle
With a Day of Action on September 10
United Way Asks Volunteers, Community Members to Unite for
'A Day of Action' to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty

PHOENIX (Sept. 1, 2016) - A Call to Action: Do Something, Even if Just One Thing. It's a simple fact: We have a greater impact when we work United.

That's why on September 10 hundreds of Valley of the Sun residents will come together for the common cause of breaking the cycle of poverty in our neighborhoods.

United Way will kick off a three-year campaign Uniting Against the Cycle and making our communities stronger. On that day - "Unite: A Day of Action by Valley of the Sun United Way" - volunteers will be part of the United Way's mission to break the cycle that creates struggles for families in our communities - homelessness, hunger, lack of quality education and financial insecurity.

Partnerships allow us to do more good for more people. Volunteers from corporations like USAA, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and others will be participating in the effort.

The day isn't just for volunteers. It's for everyone. Community members will be encouraged to participate in their own way, be it in their homes, schools, community centers, churches or cultural institutions - however and wherever they believe they can make a difference for their friends and neighbors in need.

To highlight participation, people can share their experiences through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope and Vine with the hashtag #UnitePHX. A scroll through the experiences under this hashtag will connect people, corporations, non-profits and community organizations with the work being done throughout the Valley of the Sun to help improve the quality of life for individuals and families.

"Imagine the impact we can have on poverty if each of does just one thing on one day," said Francisco Avalos, Director of Engagement. "And imagine seeing social media posts on the small acts of kindness under #UnitePHX and how that may inspire more people to start incorporating the idea of giving, of volunteering, of helping others into their daily lives. Small acts can add up to big changes - we've seen it happen."

As a result, the goal of creating a stronger connection between those who want to help others and those in need will be made - all to show how we Unite Against the Cycle.

For those who can't volunteer at the Day of Action, we invite you putting together Teacher Supply Kit, Book-In-A-Bag and Encouragement Cards projects from your home. Go to for details.

Since 1925, Valley of the Sun United Way has been uniting diverse partners and bringing together donors, business supporters, nonprofits, government and faith-based communities to build a stronger Valley for us all. To accomplish this, United Way is keenly focused on achieving key Community Objectives, including ensuring children and youth succeed, ending hunger and homelessness, and increasing the financial stability of families. United Way is the largest nonprofit investor in health and human service programs in the Valley with the support of nearly 90,000 individual donors, 700 business supporters, and a wide array of volunteers and partners. For more information, visit

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