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LauraWHO: Laura, mom to three children and 2.5 grandchildren

CITY: Phoenix

MOTTO: Live with no regrets, Love with no reserve, Serve without hesitation.

WHY I SUPPORT BREAKFAST IN THE CLASSROOM: Breakfast in the Classroom is such an important cause to me. We all deal with children in our lives every day and sometimes in unknown ways.

Growing up, our family was lucky enough to not struggle with food insecurity. We always had enough to eat and food in our family was an expression of love. It breaks my heart that there are families and children who struggle every day wondering where their next meal will come from.

If my support of BIC can help even one child, one family to overcome food insecurity, then I will support BIC with all my heart.

YOU KNOW ME: I have worked with and taught children for many years so any worthy cause that can better a child’s life or encourage them to be all they can be, is a worthy cause.

My Challenge to You: Learn More

About Child Hunger in the Valley

  • Give - Every dollar makes a difference for local kids and families.
  • Learn More - The more you know the better equiped you'll be to discuss child hunger in schools.
  • Spread the Word - Every share on social media increases awareness of this important issue.

My Community Advocate Partners

I've partnered with eight other Valley moms from Gilbert to Glendale to help spread the word. Become a passionate champion for ending hunger in local classrooms by raising your voice, too!

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