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Liz, passionate advocate for Breakfast in the Classroom.WHO: Liz, mom to three kids

CITY: Mesa

MOTTO: Choose happiness, even though it may sometimes be hard to find.

WHY I SUPPORT BREAKFAST IN THE CLASSROOM: I believe a healthy breakfast gives kids the energy to start the day, ready to focus on their school work and do their best.  Breakfast in the classroom helps kids get that start that they might not get at home. I know if my son is hungry, he can't think about anything else and his school work suffers.

My Challenge to You: Learn More

About Child Hunger in the Valley

  • Give - Every dollar makes a difference for local kids and families.
  • Learn More - The more you know the better equipped you'll be to discuss child hunger in schools.
  • Spread the Word - Every share on social media increases awareness of this important issue.

My Community Advocate Partners

I've partnered with eight other Valley moms from Gilbert to Glendale to help spread the word. Become a passionate champion for ending hunger in local classrooms by raising your voice, too!

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