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Time and again communities prove that we go further faster when we collaborate to solve our greatest challenges. At Valley of the Sun United Way we know this firsthand. Since we started in 1925, our goal is to mobilize the caring power of the community by improving individual lives.

Poverty is a growing issue within our community. While there are many people and organizations working to take the community from poverty to prosperity, the best way to face this challenge and evoke change is to create a place to come together. In response, and in collaboration with the ASU Knowledge Exchange for Resilience and the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, we are excited to launch The Solutions Hub!

How it Works

Learn – Create – Act – Strengthen – Advocate

The Hub puts “people first” and at the center of solution building.  Through collaboration, and fueled by data, our work is meant to accelerate action at the individual, organizational and policy levels. What brings us all together is our shared work, and desire, to address the broad range of issues that contribute to poverty.

Design Lab

Deliver new services to people living in poverty using targeted funding paired with design methodology to test and discover ideas.

Public Policy

Identify local, state, and federal advocacy areas to improve existing policy or create new policy.

Capacity Building

Share ideas for improvements and implement scalable change.

Civic Participation

Bring attention to the variety of issues that contribute to poverty, and provide avenues for each of us in the community to take action.

Knowledge Bank

In partnership with the ASU Knowledge Exchange for Resilience, this data resource center will create greater access to valuable information for our community.



Get Involved

We bring academic and research centers, policy and law entities, non-profit organizations, grassroots agencies, government, corporations, entrepreneurs, and individuals to the table to share, collaborate, and innovate. Imagine the results with our united resources, perspectives, and knowledge!

There is incredible strength in collaboration; the more we work together, the greater the opportunity to create a more prosperous Maricopa County for all citizens. Want to learn more? Ready to roll up your sleeves? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Natalia Ronceria Ceballos at

United, we can make a difference!

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