Emergency Shelter and Prevention

The Situation in Maricopa County

6,300 people experience homelessness each night while there are only 2,000 beds available in local shelters.

  • Sometimes, just a single moment a person was unprepared for changes their whole world.
  • While we want to help people who are currently experiencing homelessness, we need to prevent homelessness, too.

The Solution: Emergency Shelter and Prevention

We work to help people at 2 levels, people currently experiencing homelessness and people who are nearly homeless. Shelters offer a case manager who can help individuals find the resources to move out of emergency shelter and into a better housing situation. Many people who enter an emergency shelter end their own homelessness within a few days. We also provide assistance before a shelter is needed by getting people in touch with family or providing short-term support to keep them in their home by eliminating situations that may leave them at risk of losing their current housing, such as paying a utility bill.

“People here (in shelters) appreciate it, they need it. It encourages us to go out and do the right thing. Thank you to all who helped me and who are continuing to help me.”
- Pernell, Emergency Shelter Recipient

Ending homelessness in the Valley

Our Impact

  • Provided 669,879 nights worth of emergency shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness

Our Goal

  • Provide beds for 575,000 emergency or transitional situations

How Can I Help?

Fund a Shelter Stay

You can provide a safe place for a family or individual to spend the night and resources to end homelessness by funding a stay at the shelter. A donation of $9 can allow an individual to have shelter for one night.

Volunteer Opportunities

Project Connect

A one-day event that connects diverse populations with needed services and resources. Volunteers serve as guest guides and work one-on-one with individuals experiencing homelessness.

See upcoming Project Connect events and other volunteer opportunities at volunteer.vsuw.org.

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