Financial Coach Training

The Situation in Maricopa County

27% of households don’t have a bank account or are under utilizing banking services, limiting their financial stability.

  • 667,000 people live at or below the poverty line.
  • Many Arizonans struggle with the two key factors to strong financial stability: creating and following a budget, and paying off debts.
  • When a family is financially stable, it improves the well-being, health, and future for parents and kids.

The Solution: Financial Coach Training

Thanks to our donors, we train case managers to become financial coaches. Case managers are already working with families everyday, and this intensive 4-week program gives them the knowledge they need to easily integrate financial coaching into their daily work with clients. Coaches are trained on how to guide their clients towards long-term financial stability by way of money management, household budgeting, credit repair, personal financial priority setting, and more.

“Because of you, I’m the one investing in my future.”
- Beatrice

Creating a financially stable future for local families

Our Impact

  • We have trained more than 1,000 coaches
  • We are proud to be the only non-profit that provides free financial coach training to case managers in Maricopa County

Our Goal

  • Train 140 more coaches this year
  • 5,000 individuals or families improve financial stability through decreased debt, increased income, improved FICO score, or other key measurements

How Can I Help?

Fund a Coach

You can become a part of creating more financial coaches in the Valley by providing a coach with a scholarship to attend the class and improve their skills. An investment of $1,200 can provide a scholarship for one financial coach.

Adopt a Family

You can support a family’s financial coach needs for one year, giving them the one on one attention that will help them get on their feet and on the right path for healthy personal finance. Contact Vicki Fiorelli at for sponsorship opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can help break the cycle of poverty by volunteering at Interview Fairs, FAFSA Days, (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) College Application Days, and Project Connect.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available to support our community.

Visit to learn more.

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