We Fight for Kids


We believe in supporting every kid in Maricopa County at every stage to break the cycle of poverty.

By helping kids early, we are actively fighting to break the cycle for future generations.

Ready for Kindergarten

It all starts here! When a child goes into their education journey ready to learn it sets them up for success in the future. We partner with quality care centers in our community to allow them to continue to provide top level care through quality learning experiences and training for families and caregivers to have access to the development, education, and health needs young kids need.

Reading Proficiently by 4th Grade

One-on-one guided reading sessions are critical in a struggling students success in building reading skills. In Arizona, if a child isn’t reading at grade level by 4th grade, they could be held back. Because teachers don’t always have the time to do one-on-one guided reading sessions, students are now able to get connected to passionate professionals, volunteering to tutor, thanks to Vello Online Tutoring.

Quality After School & Summer Programs

When a child attends an after-school or summer program, they have access to mentoring and counseling to assist with life and school challenges, including readiness for post-secondary education and employment. United Way works to improve access and quality of after school and summer programs.

End Hunger in the Classroom

For children with limited access to food at home, school may be the only place they can get a nutritious meal. We believe in helping kids have a better relationship with food and more focus on their education, not their hunger.

Thriving Together

Thriving Together has identified six key areas where we can make the greatest difference in students' success along the cradle to career continuum. Of these, we have identified early grade reading, post-secondary enrollment, and postsecondary attainment as our initial focus areas.

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