You can unite against the cycle of poverty to transform the life of a child or neighbor in need. Help build a stronger community right at home.
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Sometimes, the most powerful way to get involved is to speak up.

Another great way to get involved is to become a vocal supporter and advocate. It's critical to our success.

You can strengthen our community: advocate for good public policy.

When it comes to issues such as ending hunger and homelessness, our goal is to provide a good education to our kids and increasing the financial self-sufficiency of individuals and families.

It only takes a moment. But the positive effects are immeasurable.

Here are a few ways you can advocate.

  • View the Issues We Care About to learn more about some of the biggest challenges facing our community.
  • Be Informed! Learn how Arizona ranks in academic attainment, income stability and health with United Way's Common Good Forecaster.
  • Contact the Arizona Legislature and let them know your care about issues such as hunger, homelessness, education and the financial stability of hardworking families.

Your voice can be the most powerful tool in creating positive, lasting change in our community. To learn more about how you can help, contact our Public Policy Team.


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