Member Spotlight Jesse Kroupa

Member Spotlight Jesse Kroupa

Gen U Vice Chair & Scavenger Hunt Event Co-Lead
Fund Financial Analyst, The Vanguard Group

If you were to teach someone one thing, what would you teach?

For me, one of the most important things to learn early is personal finance. Not just how to balance a checkbook, but also how choosing consumption now means you are giving up something in the future. It’s an important life lesson that unfortunately many people do not learn until later in life, but the great thing is it’s never too late to learn.

What motivates you to be your best?

One of the things that motivates me is my mother. She gave up so much when I was younger to ensure that I succeeded in life, the way I can pay her back is by not wasting what she gave me and appreciating the struggles she overcame to give me a better life.

If your life was a novel, what would be the title and how would your story end?

The Everyday Prince, and it would end with someone closing a book, while sitting by a fire, and saying “or so the story is told”

What activities make you lose track of time?

In the last few years I have really started to enjoy reading. When I was growing up I never wanted to read, I’d spend hours trying to get out of reading. A few years back I discovered that I didn’t hate reading, I just wasn’t interested in the books I was reading. My advice for anyone one who thinks they don’t like to read it to go to a library and talk to the librarian, share your interest and they can recommend a book for you.

What is my favorite Gen U event?

For me the Scavenger Hunt is towards the top of the list. It’s a great opportunity to get together with my friends and explore downtown Phoenix while raising money for causes that are important to me, such as ending hunger and ensuring youth succeed. (And bragging rights for the next year with my friends)

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