How You Could Help End Homelessness

01/08/2017, By Valley of the Sun United Way

In Maricopa County alone, 6,000 people experience homelessness on any given night. One in five Arizonans live in poverty. Project Connect is your opportunity to do something about it by simply giving your time. This incredible event helps people in our community and shows what an amazing difference can be made in just one afternoon. You have an opportunity to make a change.

What is Project Connect?

Project Connect is a one-day outreach event put on several times a year where people struggling with homelessness can come and receive resources to get back on their feet. More than 30 organizations come together to prevent and end homelessness for many.

The Volunteer’s Role

Your journey to helping a very long line of a few pets and many people, young and old, begins at the sign-in table. United Way staff is there to provide instruction on how to get signed in, where to grab a name tag and how you get to orientation for your shift. During orientation, an experienced staff member walks through the volunteer duties, step-by-step, and answers any questions you may have.

The biggest need is for guest guide volunteers. These volunteers make a one-on-one connection with a person who has come for help, getting to know who they are and learning about where they have come from so you can get them to the stations that can best help them. For the day, you work with one or a few new friends and give them a friendly face to talk to while they get the help they need. Your kind words and positive attitude is sure to provide a smile and hope.

In other roles, such as guest check-in and check-out or bag check, you will have the opportunity to see everyone who comes through and help the process go smoothly for all. Positions for data entry, event set-up and tear-down, and other various needs may also available.

No matter where you decide to volunteer at Project Connect, each role is important as there is a large need for assistance at these events. Volunteers see the impact first-hand and help people struggling in our city.

Help is Available All Around

You don’t have to worry about knowing everything! Valley of the Sun United Way staff, along with experienced volunteers, are there to help everyone make this run smoothly. At the end of the day, you will have helped people improve their lives and have truly made a difference in the Valley.

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