​This Poverty Simulation is Opening Eyes

​This Poverty Simulation is Opening Eyes

07/13/2017, By Valley of the Sun United Way

There’s a saying that the best way to see something from a viewpoint outside of your own is to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is easier to truly understand poverty when you get an idea of the choices and situations people face and struggle with every day. You can Walk-a-Mile and learn how people are Making Choices with these poverty simulations through Valley of the Sun United Way.


In this course, at least 20 participants act as a family as you simulate 5 days in 2 hours. You will Walk-a-Mile in the shoes of Valley individuals and families who struggle daily to make ends meet and find available community resources. You and your “family” will be asked to make tough choices that represent real life challenges while you discover the benefit of partners coming together and helping people in your community by providing resources.

Making Choices

In the 30-40 minute Making Choices simulation, a group of 10 people are given a budget and have to make decisions on how to use your budget to maximize your income. This exercise demonstrates the reality of Valley families struggling to meet their budget each month and being forced to make tough choices to make ends meet.

Make the Decision to Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

These experiences are a great ice-breaker for starting the conversation about ending the cycle of poverty in Maricopa County and discovering what working poor really looks like. Challenge your friends and loved ones to grow their understanding and gain perspective. If you have a group people who are ready to better understand poverty and get an inside view of the lives of families we fight for, contact us to get started.

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