Permanent Supportive Housing

To an individual experiencing chronic homelessness, “home” can be the dark street, a canal, a broken-down car or precious few items hidden behind bushes. Emergency room visits become routine. Nutritious food and water are scarce. Safety is never assured. Hope is diminished.

About 20 percent of individuals experiencing homelessness have been on the streets at least a year. Those individuals use a disproportionate share of community homelessness services – by some estimates more than 50 percent of shelters and other services.

Valley of the Sun United Way and our partners know that when we end chronic homelessness through permanent supportive housing, we also free up emergency homelessness resources for more people. 

Individuals who experienced homelessness for a long period – years or even decades – have multiple and complex issues to overcome. Permanent supportive housing provides on-site supportive health and human services when an individual is safely housed. It’s a nationally proven model that is a vital step to end homelessness in Maricopa County.

You can help End Homelessness:

GIVE:  Your donations provide housing and support services to get and keep people experiencing chronic homelessness off the streets. Find out the many ways to give.

VOLUNTEER: Volunteer as a guest guide at a monthly Project Connect event to connect families and individuals experiencing homelessness to services on site.

ADVOCATE:  Spread the word and support permanent supportive housing as a solution to end chronic homelessness in Maricopa County.

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