Breakfast in the Classroom

The Situation in Maricopa County

In Arizona, 1 in 4 kids may not know where their next meal is coming from.

  • Although many schools offer breakfast in the cafeteria, studies how that kids are more likely to actually eat breakfast when it is served in class. Often, there are transportation barriers to getting to school early. Or they may feel singled out if they eat while their friends play.
  • Schools can get reimbursed for breakfast, however, the initial set up fee is not covered.

The Solution: Breakfast in the Classroom

When a school begins the Breakfast in the Classroom program a one-time investment has them set up. Because of our donor support, we are able to provide carts, hot and cold food bags, cleaning materials, and other items the school needs to easily transfer breakfast from the cafeteria to the classroom.

When breakfast is served in the classroom there are fewer nurse visits, decreased overall tardiness, and less behavioral problems in class. Teachers can give hands-on lessons on the food groups and quality meals, offering an important educational experience and better relationship with food long term. We are giving children a better relationship with their food and a way to get the most out of their education, setting them up for success in life.

“With Breakfast in the Classroom, my students start their day knowing they’re going to eat breakfast. Knowing that, they’re already starting to break that cycle of poverty and hunger. Because they’re now getting a quality education because they are ready to learn. They are focused. They have the energy.”
– Ms. Crawford, Brunson-Lee, Kindergarten Teacher

Ending Hunger for Local Kids

Our Impact

  • 86 schools serve Breakfast in the Classroom
  • 61,308 children now have a balanced breakfast every day in their classroom

Our Goal

  • Bring Breakfast in the Classroom to all schools in which 70% or more of students qualify for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program

How Can I Help?

Give a Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is essential for every child. It will help them to focus in class and not have to worry about distraction due to an angry tummy. Your gift moves one student’s breakfast to the classroom and supports a healthy start. A donation of $10 provides Breakfast in the Classroom for one student for a year.

Adopt a School

You can provide a school with the start-up costs to give all their students Breakfast in the Classroom when you adopt a school. This means every class, every teacher, and every child will have access to a proper, nutritious breakfast for as long as they are in that school. An investment of $5,600 could launch Breakfast in the Clasroom in one school this year. Contact Vicki Fiorelli at for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

WeekEnd Hunger Backpack Assembly

Join us to put the food items together in the bags, in preparation for delivery.

WeekEnd Hunger Backpack Delivery

Available each Friday during the school year, deliver the meal bags to the schools so they are available for teachers to give out to their students at the end of the school day in preparations for the weekend.

Contact for a list of upcoming WeekEnd Hunger Backpack events. See other volunteer opportunities at

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