Summer Learning Collaborative

The Situation in Maricopa County

Each summer, students can lose knowledge equal to two months of learning.

  • Sometimes, kids don’t have the resources at home to keep exercising their brain over the summer months.
  • When kids go through a whole summer without “flexing” their brain and practicing lessons and skills, they could begin to fall behind in their education.
  • Students who cannot read at grade level by 3rd grade are 13 times more likely to drop out of high school.

The Solution: Summer Learning Collaborative

To prevent summer learning loss, we are partnered with out-of-school summer centers to add tools to retain and improve literacy skills for kindergarten through 3rd graders. United Way provides program staff the training on how to incorporate fun literacy activities into their regular programming.

“We are certain if we did not offer the Summer Learning Collaborative many of our children would not return to school at or above where they left off. We know many of them would be in a failing position. This program allows kids to have hope and a chance! Thank you.”
– Site Director

Encouraging student learning all year

Our Impact

  • 96% of students in summer learning programs showed improvement in literacy skills

Our Goal

  • 1,000 K-3rd graders maintain and/or improve summer literacy skills

How Can I Help?

Support a Child

Fight for a local student to have access to these resources to exercise their mind and further their education. With your gift, a child will receive these services at their program over the summer. A donation of $250 can support summer learning for one child.

Train a Teacher Evaluator

Provide a center with a trained teacher evaluator to test students at the beginning of the summer programs to see what their strengths are and where they may want to build on their skills. These teachers will also test at the end of the program to monitor success in the program social channels and at the event. A $2,500 investment can support training for a teacher evaluator.

Volunteer Opportunities


Bring a book to life by decorating the bag with your coworkers, friends and family. Help build home libraries for local children.

Snack Pack-In-A-Bag

Collect nonperishable snack items

Be a Mentor

Help students as a mentor during after school programs.

See volunteer opportunities you can do anytime at, and find upcoming volunteer events at

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