The Situation in Maricopa County

Only 46% of students passed the state reading exam.

  • Children who are not reading at grade level by 4th grade are held back.
  • Teachers don’t always have the time to do one on one guided reading sessions with struggling students.
  • Nearly 30% of millennial volunteers say they would participate more often if there were easier ways to find opportunities and more flexibility.

The Solution: Vello

Vello, our online tutoring program, pairs teams of passionate professionals with classrooms to provide guided reading support through a safe and secure digital setting. Together, students and volunteer tutors read e-books using super simple screen sharing and audio. Volunteers are able to do their weekly 30-minute tutor sessions from anywhere with a computer and internet access, making it easy to do without leaving their workspace. Students have 24/7 access to an extensive e-library for themselves and their family members.

“In the beginning, each one of the children that I read with was at a level I wouldn’t assume a child their age would be. But once we become comfortable with each other and continued to read, I could hear them becoming stronger, and stronger. That for me made every moment even more worth it.”
- Vello Volunteer

Encouraging students through guided reading

Our Impact

  • 83% of teachers saw improved reading skills in their tutored students
  • 86% of parents noticed improved at home reading engagement
  • Tutored students saw nearly 4% higher growth rate in reading progress compared to non-tutored peers

Our Goal

  • 70 classrooms funded
  • 700 Vello students using Vello
  • 700 Vello volunteer tutors

How Can I Help?

Adopt a Classroom

Provide an entire classroom with 24/7 access to a virtual library that students can access at home. Give students in that classroom the one-on-one guided reading tutors they need to help them improve their reading skills. By adopting a classroom you are also providing the computer, headset, software, and other essential items for a Vello setup. Contact Vicki Fiorelli at for sponsorship opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Vello Tutoring

Build a team of employee volunteers to tutor students for a minimum of one 30-minute session a week. In these sessions volunteers help the student think about the story they are reading, sound out words, and other key skills!

Go to or email to get started.

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