Party With a Purpose

Party With a Purpose

Let’s say you're having friends and family over for game night, throwing a pool party, or watching your favorite NFL team kick some butt on the grid-iron.

While their presence is gift enough, as the great friends they are, you know they'll ask to bring something to the celebration. Normally, you might say, “ice” or, “dessert." But you and your guest have the chance to make this a Party With a Purpose and do something good for others.

When your buddies chip in to support United Way, you can help a child do better in school, provide a meal to someone who might not otherwise eat today, or get a struggling family back on their feet. See what your dollars can do.

Start an Online Party Page

Friends can easily give to your fundraising site and even enjoy a little friendly competition as they see their gifts stack up in real-time.

Here's how to set up your party page:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the red "Become A Fundraiser" button at top right of the page
  3. Create an account with your email or Facebook account
  4. Follow the instructions to customize your page
  5. Once your page is customized, begin sending emails to invite your friends right from your page
  6. Start "FUNraising" and get your party games ready!

Easy Party Promo Ideas

Promote your party and create some energy around your special day and the work of United Way! Get your social media buzzing with all the details of your ultra-cool party with these promotion tips:

  • Facebook: Share your custom fundraising page link on your personal Facebook page or in an event page.
  • Twitter: A little birdy told you about a great party! Do you love a tinyurl as much as we do? Change that long fundraising page URL into a twitter friendly size here.
  • Instagram: During your party, show off the fun using #UnitePHX
  • Text: The new phone call, it’s like a little present
  • Email: We all have friends that love a calendar invite
  • Phone: Who wouldn’t love a personal call?

Not sure what to say? Check out this invitation guide for tips!

When All Is Said and Done

Once the party’s over and the fun is had, please contact us at or (602) 631-4846 to schedule a drop off of any donations made in person. Don’t forget to update your celebration page with fundraising results and share the link with your guests.

Share your favorite photos and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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