Phoenix Companies Loan Employees to Valley of the Sun United Way

09/25/2018, By Valley of the Sun United Way

The Valley of the Sun United Way office has been seeing new faces around in the last couple weeks thanks to APS and QuikTrip’s Loaned Executives (LEs). Companies in the Valley can choose to loan their employees to United Way, where they then pair up with the sales team to help other companies in the community understand how we are fighting to break the cycle of poverty, how they can join the fight, and how the LE’s company has been a part of it.


Meet some of our current LEs

Laura Herman - APS

What I’ve experienced: 14 presentations, 5 volunteer events, and an agency fair

How it’s going: “So far I have presented to 4 companies: UPS, Wells Fargo, Nationwide, and QuikTrip, and meetings/connections with several others. I have 4 campaigns running now. They are all busy! I have been most involved in Nationwide’s campaign. It is currently their Week of Action and I have a volunteer event with them every day this week. Their ambassadors are doing a fantastic job educating employees and getting them involved in on-site and off-site activities. We’ve done Making Choices with all of their Contract Underwriting group as well as a few other groups, a book drive/Book in a Bag, and I was lucky enough to hear Bessie speak at one of their events. She has such a great and unique spirit and is so inspiring.

It’s fun to get out and meet people! I’m learning so much about other companies and industries. I also get to connect with United Way non-profit partners for volunteer opportunities for our corporate partners and I see all the amazing work being done in this community.”

Chris Wood - QuikTrip

What I’ve experienced: 16 presentations

How it’s going: “I have presented to 5 companies so far. By the end of this month I will have about 9 companies going with their campaigns and a few of them will be wrapping up. For me some of the exciting things so far is actually get to go out and present to companies. It's really an exciting experience when you are presenting to a group and you can see that you are getting to them with just your stories and words. Having a group of people come up to you after and tell you thank you and it was moving is amazing to hear. Also it might sound cheesy but it the connections you make with the other LEs and Development Officers. You are both there for the same cause and everyone works together to reach those goals.”

Check out what some of our previous LEs have said here.

In total this year, the LEs have completed over 40 presentations to corporate partners since July 31! Thank you to our current LEs for your hard work and dedication. We couldn’t do it without you. If your company would like to offer the LE experience for some of your employees, contact us today.

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