You can unite against the cycle of poverty to transform the life of a child or neighbor in need. Help build a stronger community right at home.
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Your Dollars at Work

When we say every dollar counts, we mean it. Whether it's $2 per week or $100 per week, every investment accomplishes amazing things like assist food banks in purchasing meals or provide emergency and transitional shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness. See how any donation makes a difference. (Download this information as a PDF.)

$2 per week

Assists food banks in purchasing more than 624 meals for individuals experiencing financial difficulties.

$5 per week

Provides a teen in the Destination Graduation program with supportive services such as crisis intervention, mentoring, after school programs, counseling and food assistance to keep them on track to graduate.

$10 per week

Provides three children with early developmental screenings to ensure steps are taken to prepare them for success in school.

$20 per week

Allows eight families to participate in financial education courses, providing them with the tools they need to become financial stable.

$30 per week

Provides nine youth with work readiness training that counts toward college credit, putting them on a path to success in career and life.

$50 per week

Moves a chronically homeless individual off the streets and into an apartment with the supportive services needed to begin the journey to self-sufficiency.

$100 per week

Provides 176 nights of emergency and transitional shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Tocqueville Society • $250 per week

Provides job training for 16 low income individuals to improve their financial security.

Looking for a way to help out? We always appreciate donations of any amount.



Your support of Valley of the Sun United Way has made a transformative difference for families in our community. Meet a few of the people who have been impacted by your contributions.


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