Gen U Ambassadors

Don’t just make an Impact… BE THE IMPACT

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Benefits to You

  • Hands-On Leadership Experience
  • Heightened Visibility within Your Company
  • Shadowing of United Way’s top leadership… CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, Development and Government Affairs Officers and more
  • Deep Immersion into Solving Complex Community Issues
  • Apply Top Notch Public Speaking Training Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  • Develop Strong Relationship Building Skills and Meaningful Connections
  • First-Hand Event Management Experience

Benefits to Your Community

  • Unite Young Professionals Against the Cycle of Poverty
  • Put Food on a Family’s Table and a Roof over their Heads
  • Preparing Students for School, College and Career

What Will I Do?

  • Promote Generation United
  • Engage Your Co-Workers, Friends, Social Groups, Apartment Complex, Exercise class, Fantasy Football and Softball leagues…
  • Create Your Own Event or Incorporate United Way into What You’re Already Doing (Ugly Sweater, Super Bowl or Costume Parties, Beer Pong Tourneys, Movie Night, Hiking and Yoga, Garage Sale, March Madness, Work Happy Hour, Karaoke)
  • Raise Awareness and Funds
  • Enter or Recruit a Scavenger Hunt Team | Saturday, February 25th, 2017
  • Invite Young Professionals to Gen U Events
  • Be the Welcome Wagon to new members
  • Advocate for United Way’s work and engage young professionals to be a part of the solutions



Deadline to apply is September 15th.
Learn More: Contact Jerry Scheirer at

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